I'm cool .I'm a pretty shy guy in person.

I post my Art, my photography, cool things, the walking dead, transgender topics, naked photos, rants, stuff I haven't thought of yet.

I'm bipolar so sometimes that negativity gets into my blog. BUT! That means I can also help some people along the way.

I don't posts TW:'s so when you see a photo you don't like put your hand over it really quick and scroll down. That's what I would do.

I'm all about healthy living, good attitudes, and getting informed. If you have a complaint please be respectful and don't expect me to attack you or automatically agree with you.

Feel free to ask me questions.



not gay as in happy but queer as in sacrificing heterosexuals so i can bathe in their blood and achieve immortality

oh goodness!


pleaze look at this cute baby bat, have some non-caffinated tea, and calm down

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I’m going to make a comic

It’s probably going to be erotic. It’s gonna be awesome.

Even though I’m not great at writing coherent stories.

And even though I have a lot of difficulty drawing the same face more than once.

But it’s ok I read a book about making graphic novels so it’s all good

I can’t wait until I have so much awesome stuff to do that it’ll take a whole lot of effort to get on the internet :/