I'm cool .I'm a pretty shy guy in person.

I post my Art, my photography, cool things, the walking dead, transgender topics, naked photos, rants, stuff I haven't thought of yet.

I'm bipolar so sometimes that negativity gets into my blog. BUT! That means I can also help some people along the way.

I don't posts TW:'s so when you see a photo you don't like put your hand over it really quick and scroll down. That's what I would do.

I'm all about healthy living, good attitudes, and getting informed. If you have a complaint please be respectful and don't expect me to attack you or automatically agree with you.

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not gay as in happy but queer as in sacrificing heterosexuals so i can bathe in their blood and achieve immortality

oh goodness!


pleaze look at this cute baby bat, have some non-caffinated tea, and calm down

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These are my two packers that I’ve hardly ever worn. I decided that I should put a realistic dildo skin on the larger one and make up on both. I used foundation that was a few shades darker than my groin area. I used blue eye shadow for the veins. It may be a bit too much emphasis and the eye shadow has fine glitter in it. The smaller packer was pink to start out with and I think it came out great.